I have been trying for hours, how to make use of Semantic Ui menu with dropdown.

Basically I would like that when I hover the second item, the popup is positioned the same way as the first one, which is taking 100% of the width.

I have created a fiddle for better explaination.


$('.menu .dropdown').each(function() {
    inline: true,
    lastResort: 'bottom center',
    hoverable: true,
    popup: $(this).next(),
    boundary: window,
    delay: {
      show: 200,
      hide: 500
    movePopup: false


According to the semantic ui source code:


If I define a target element, like: $('.menu .dropdown').first() the left of the popup should start there, and if I set the popup as popup: $('.popup') it will display that popup, the issue, is that on those cases it always displays the target element.

Not sure if this is a bug, or I am doing something wrong.


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