request.fullpath gives the fullpath plus any parameter passed, such as


How can I get just the page with no params? Like


Thank you.


Although not documented, request.path worked for me. I usually use my plugin rails_web_console for playing with the request object.


As noticed by turboladen, "ActionDispatch::Request inherits from Rack::Request‌​, where request.path is defined".

path is not documented there, but the source displays script_name + path_info.


what about a simple split:

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    the source for #fullpath shows that it is a concatenation of #path and #query. Save some work by just using #path rubydoc.info/gems/rack/Rack/Request:fullpath (I understand this has been asked and answered, but it is still worth noting for future SO'ers) – Pat Newell May 27 '15 at 14:08

no need for splitting,


gives you just that


regular expression

request.fullpath.gsub( /\?.*/, "" )

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