I want to continuously post an infinite binary data stream to a webserver. So I'm using the following command:

curl -X POST -H "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" -d 'hello' 

As a test, I'm piping the output of the 'yes' command:

$ yes | curl -X POST -H "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" -d '@-'

But it doesn't even connect to the webserver, and aborts with an out-of-memory error. It seems curl is trying to read the whole file into memory before starting the transfer.

Does curl supports continuously HTTP posting data coming from a pipe? (I'm using curl version 7.61.0).



Try with

yes | curl -T.

But you will probably get this known bug :


yes | curl -T-
  • I assume you meant "curl -T." ? Could you please check and correct? – Ace17 Oct 18 '18 at 12:23

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