I am trying to make this code output to a csv file when calling the spider with -o output.csv

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import scrapy
from scrapy.spiders import SitemapSpider
from scrapy.spiders import Spider
from scrapy.http import Request, XmlResponse
from scrapy.utils.sitemap import Sitemap, sitemap_urls_from_robots
from scrapy.utils.gz import gunzip, is_gzipped
import re
import requests

class GetpagesfromsitemapSpider(SitemapSpider):
    name = "test"
    handle_httpstatus_list = [404]

    def parse(self, response):
       print response.url

    def _parse_sitemap(self, response):
        if response.url.endswith('/robots.txt'):
            for url in sitemap_urls_from_robots(response.body):
                yield Request(url, callback=self._parse_sitemap)
            body = self._get_sitemap_body(response)
            if body is None:
                self.logger.info('Ignoring invalid sitemap: %s', response.url)

            s = Sitemap(body)
            sites = []
            if s.type == 'sitemapindex':
                for loc in iterloc(s, self.sitemap_alternate_links):
                    if any(x.search(loc) for x in self._follow):
                        yield Request(loc, callback=self._parse_sitemap)
            elif s.type == 'urlset':
                for loc in iterloc(s):
                    for r, c in self._cbs:
                        if r.search(loc):
            print sites

    def __init__(self, spider=None, *a, **kw):
            super(GetpagesfromsitemapSpider, self).__init__(*a, **kw)
            self.spider = spider
            l = []
            url = "https://channelstore.roku.com"
            resp = requests.head(url + "/sitemap.xml")
            if (resp.status_code != 404):
                resp = requests.head(url + "/robots.txt")
                if (resp.status_code == 200):
            self.sitemap_urls = l
            print self.sitemap_urls

def iterloc(it, alt=False):
    for d in it:
        yield d['loc']

        # Also consider alternate URLs (xhtml:link rel="alternate")
        if alt and 'alternate' in d:
            for l in d['alternate']:
                yield l

I have tried changing the print response url on line 18 to a few things but I cant seem to make this script output to a CSV, all I can manage is seeing the exact information I want but on the terminal screen.

This code is from here but I am not working well with the easy part of completing the code.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Not clear from your example, but it looks like you are not passing the command line arguments (-o) to your SitemapSpider.

A simpler solution, instead of passing the -o argument, is to just redirect your output to a file:

my_script.py > output.csv


my_script.py | tee output.csv <-- this way will write to file, and also output in your terminal

EDIT: Not the most efficient way, but without seeing a full script:

def parse(self, response):
    with open('output.csv', 'a') as fh:

This will append each response.url to a new line in the output.csv file

  • Is it not something I can edit in print response.url? Looking to keep everything within Scrapy if at all possible and I assume this is possible to do I just cant find the detail to accomplish what I need and the scrapy docs I cant apply to my situation. – Tomzski Oct 5 '18 at 13:58

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