So I built a service worker and it caches the website files(checked it on devtools,they are cached in IndexedDB and Cache Storage.

I'm using workbox and I did the following things:

1)I used it in my nodejs server(index.js) just after all the require variables/consts:

 const https = require('https');
 const fs = require('fs');
 var path = require('path');
 const express = require('express');
 const app = express();
 const router = express.Router();
 const pool = require('./mysqldb.js');
 const pathView = __dirname + "/views/";
 const IMGPath = "/public";
 var bodyParser = require("body-parser");
 const listenPort = 8010;
 const workboxBuild = require('workbox-build');

 app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true }));


 app.set('view engine', 'ejs');

 app.use('/public', express.static('public'));
 router.use(function (req, res, next) {

 router.get('/', function (req, res) {
    res.render(pathView + 'home.ejs', { msg:" > "  });
 });//and few more .ejs files just like this one

 app.use( "/", router);

 res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html');
 res.status(404).send('Page introuvable !');

 app.listen(listenPort, function () {
 console.log('PWA listening on port ' + listenPort );

 const buildSW = () => {
 return workboxBuild.generateSW({
 globDirectory:      '/var/www/ww1sites.app/emil/NETWORLD/makenavbar/networld/samples/networldfinalv3/',
     globPatterns: [
     swDest:      '/var/www/ww1sites.app/emil/NETWORLD/makenavbar/networld/samples/networldfinalv3/public/ServiceWorker.js',
     clientsClaim: true,
     skipWaiting: true


 https.createServer(options, app).listen(8000);

And this buildSW() generated the ServiceWorker.js file with the following content:



  self.__precacheManifest = [
  "url": "index.js",
  "revision": "09b1cd28e310f1e9aed3d11c967e36bf"
  "url": "mysqldb.js",
  "revision": "2f375ec22385cde075c3027a45f712fe"
  "url": "public/addSW.js",
  "revision": "db7d09ac05f8d7da77a7bccbdb037f91"
  "url": "public/manifest.json",
  "revision": "0addc89535552310fe57e848156eba13"
      "url": "public/TOKEO-ServiceWorker.js",
      "revision": "c7972d42d60771b41f1499491c3632a6"
      "url": "views/about.ejs",
      "revision": "11d729194a0669e3bbc938351eba5d00"
      "url": "views/details.ejs",
      "revision": "881d8ca1f2aacfc1617c09e3cf7364f0"
      "url": "views/head.ejs",
      "revision": "eaa0f2065cf822351c1f2490f9380e30"
      "url": "views/home.ejs",
      "revision": "7e50eec344ce4d01730894ef1d637d4d"
      "url": "views/home1.ejs",
      "revision": "a34ea6e5245b45aefba102dab23f68ac"
      "url": "views/map.ejs",
      "revision": "c3942a2a8ac5b713d63c53616676974a"
      "url": "views/mapbox-script.ejs",
      "revision": "1363899a94e5cb63333f8c79886cdf1b"
      "url": "views/navbar.ejs",
      "revision": "97aacd7b7705e72ed7696673412b96e1"
      "url": "views/scripts.ejs",
      "revision": "15c88be24be624a683f7be97fd8abcce"
      "url": "workbox-config.js",
      "revision": "20dcffa419f1b8c9e06c630df4821446"
  ].concat(self.__precacheManifest || []);
  workbox.precaching.precacheAndRoute(self.__precacheManifest, {});

All the files are cached as I said but,there is one little thing that I realised in the IndexedDB the node.js and mysqldb.js are cached but in the Cache Storage they aren't.I think this is weird. When I go offline(from Devtools) after clicking a button or something on the webpage it gives me the standard missing internet connection page and the Cache Storage,the IndexedDB,the ServiceWorker.js and the manifest.json are gone from devtools,they're all deleted.

What should I do? Help me understand a thing,If I don't cache the index.js(the nodejs server) I won't be able to make the website work offline or I can do that even if the nodejs server isn't cached??

The project structure is the following:

        |--public|--addSW.js(this is the script that I used to register the servic worker to the first page that I access on the website(I places it in the home.ejs just before the </body> with a <script src=... /> and it contains only the clasic&standard registration for a service worker)

All I want is to make this app working offline.Please help me...

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