I want to create multiple instances of Object2. Each instance should be injected with its own instance of Object1, hence Object1 is of scope prototype. Now, what if I want Object1 to be of scope singleton inside the object graph of/starting wiht Object2?
I can't find any other way of creating a new IoC container, injecting the prototyped Oject1 into it and change its scope to singleton inside secondContext. Is this a viable option?

Object1 object1(){
    return new Object1();

Object2 object2(Object1 object1){
  // 1. create a new IoC container
  ApplicationContext secondContext= new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("Beans.xml");
  // 2. add the prototyped object1 to the container and make sure that it's 
  //    singleton scoped inside this container
  [some code that adds object1 to the container]
  // 3. Object2's entire object graph now uses the same instance of Object1
  return (Object2) secondContext.getBean("Object2");

In contrast, if I wouldn't create Object2 via a separate IoC container, then every @autowired member of Object2's object graph would be instantiated with a different/new Object1 instance.

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