Hi i just discovered appium and it looks promising to use on my next project Basically i want to use real android phones and emulate chrome to visit and perform actions on specific websites like login etc My question is can appium be detected as a bot? Does it share variables that can be detected just like in selenium? If yes what do i need to change modify to the web driver? And what about emulator case?

I tested the website and logged in fine but im worry more about long-term.

I'm fairly new to this and did not see a same question online Thanks

  • Anybody can answer? – Hashim Roja Oct 6 '18 at 7:20

Appium is black-box automation tool, so all the interactions are done without your app/ device modification. I don't see a case when its session can be detected as bot. However it cannot handle Captcha, FaceID, FingerPrint, etc. so you should be precise on what scenarios you want to automate.

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    what about using an emulator, can the sites detect screen pixels like they are not real phone? Also what about guid, how do i set a unique guid on emulator and real phone? Always talking about chrome – Hashim Roja Oct 6 '18 at 22:58

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