Is there any easy way to subtract a value from the red channel? For example, let's say a pixel has RGB(140, 30, 50), I would like to see subtract 100 from red channel only, hence giving RGB(40, 30, 50). I know the image has redness over 100 so there should not be any problem hitting zero.

I am unfamiliar with Gimp although I thought it should be possible as well. Or is there a simple ImageMagick command that does the job?


In Imagemagick, you need to work with values in the quantum range (default is 16-bits so 0 to 65535) or in percent. Subracting 100 is 100*100/255 = 39.2%, so in Imagemagick 6

convert image -channel r -evaluate subtract 39.2% +channel newimage

For example, I create a fully red image (r=255):

convert -size 1x1 xc:"srgb(255,0,0)" red.png

convert red.png -channel r -evaluate subtract 39.2% +channel red2.png

convert red2.png -format "%[fx:floor(255*u.r)]" info:

255-100=155; So we got the correct result above.

In Imagemagick 7, you could do

magick image -channel r -evaluate subtract "%[fx:100*100/255]"% +channel newimage

In Gimp, two methods:

Method #1

  • add a layer on top,
  • fill it with dark red (RGB(100,0,0))
  • put it in Subtract blend mode.

Method #2

  • set the foreground color to RGB(100,0,0)
  • set the bucket-fill tool mode to Subtract
  • bucket-fill the layer

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