I want to register two service workers for one site:

  1. one service worker for Visitors: www.site.com

  2. one for the AdminPanel: www.site.com/adminPanel

How can I establish this?

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    Hi and welcome to SO. StackOverflow is not really a place to find people that to write your code. INstead try to come up with something yourself and once you have a specific code question, come back here. – Martin Reiche Oct 6 at 19:39
  • @MartinReiche Hi and thanks for your attention . but i have really question ... i want a way for registration two service-worker.js for one Site ... by this question we can create many webAPK (web-app in PWA) with one site ... and this really amazing , i don't want a code , i want a way ! .... anyway thank you for the time <3 – pooria n Oct 8 at 10:11

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