I want to use firebase and Hashmap and I've tried GenericTypeIndicator but I've found the following error: type inference failed

The code:

val ref = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().reference.child("aaa").child(game_id).child("bbbb")
    ref.addValueEventListener(object : ValueEventListener {
        override fun onDataChange(dataSnapshot: DataSnapshot) {

            val type = object : GenericTypeIndicator<HashMap<String,String>>() {}

            val precios : HashMap<String,String>  = dataSnapshot.getValue(type!!)


        override fun onCancelled(databaseError: DatabaseError) {


enter image description here


It looks like the HashMap is optional, so give this a try:

val type = object : GenericTypeIndicator<HashMap<String,String>?>() {}
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I worked with your snapcode and what I change in it so I passed this error is this

   val precios : HashMap<String,String>  = dataSnapshot.getValue(type)!!

instead of

    val precios : HashMap<String,String>  = dataSnapshot.getValue(type!!)

Hope that helps others as it helped me cause the other solution didn't work for me

Happy coding :)

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