i have created users via factory using

  const Factory = use('Factory')

     class UserSeeder {
      async run () {
         await Factory.model('App/Models/User').createMany(5)

  module.exports = UserSeeder

and on the factory i have

Factory.blueprint('App/Models/User', async (faker) => {
 return {
    username: faker.username(),
    email: faker.email(),
    profile_pic: faker.avatar({fileExtension: 'jpg'}),
    password: await Hash.make("test"),
    status: 1

My auth controller has

  class AuthController {
   async login ({ request, auth }) {
      const { email, password } = request.all();
      await auth.attempt(email, password);

    return {message:'Loggedin Successifully',status:true};



Whenever i attempt to login with the correct email and password test am getting an error

   field: "password", message: "Invalid user password"

What could be wrong as all users are generated by factory with password test


User model by default has a hook for Hash your users password, and you are also hashing the password in the Factory, so, the password will never match with your 'test' password.

  • Great, you are welcome! – Pepe Oct 12 '18 at 2:56

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