1. I have taken setup using Installshield. (Setup.exe).
  2. I want c# code to uninstall that exe using Installshield setup product code.
  3. And also, I have to know why exe didn't uninstall while trying to uninstall manually. Its triggers rollback.
  4. My log files seems like this. Is there any problem?


Note: I have attached the MergeModule(MSM) in my Installshield setup.


Logging & Debugging: If your setup rolled back during uninstall check the MSI log file. You seem to have a log file, so please search it for "Value 3". This trick on MSI logging and debugging is explained in this answer.

Shared Components: Components can be shared by several products that are installed. These components will not be removed during uninstallation unless there is only one product registered as a "client". You can determine what products share the component using this VBScript. Recommend you save it to a text file and run from your desktop. Input the component GUIDs from your log file shown in your question:

Dim installer : Set installer = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
Dim counter : counter = 1

' Get component GUID from user
componentguid = Trim(InputBox("Please specify component GUID to look up (sample provided, please replace):", "Component GUID:","{4AC30CE3-6D22-5D84-972C-81C5A4775C3D}"))
If componentguid = vbCancel Or Trim(componentguid) = "" Then
   WScript.Quit(0) ' User aborted
End If

' Get list of products that share the component specified (if any)
Set componentclients = installer.ComponentClients(componentguid)
If (Err.number <> 0) Then
   MsgBox "Invalid component GUID?", vbOKOnly, "An error occurred:"
   WScript.Quit(2) ' Critical error, abort
End If

' Show the products
For Each productcode in componentclients
   productname = installer.productinfo (productcode, "InstalledProductName")
   productlist = productlist & counter & " - Product Code: " & productcode & vbNewLine & "Product Name: " & productname & vbNewLine & vbNewLine
   counter = counter + 1

message = "The below products share component GUID: " & componentguid & vbNewLine & vbNewLine

MsgBox message & productlist, vbOKOnly, "Products sharing the component GUID: "

DumpComponentList.zip: Windows Installer Expert Phil Wilson has another VBScript which will dump all Windows Installer components to a text file. The above script is adapted from that script which you can find here: DumpComponentList.zip.

DTF: For .NET there is the DTF wrapper for the Windows Installer Win32 / COM API (Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.dll - this file is installed with WiX). Here is an answer from Tom Blodget using LINQ to access Windows Installer information.

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