I'm actually getting a little overwhelmed here.. I've googled a LOT but I haven't figured out how to see a React component on my page.. I'm super new to web development although I know basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Here are all the steps I've followed right from installing Node, they are pretty standard steps..

  1. Install Node from .pkg
  2. Add path to .bash_profile
  3. Go to a parent directory and then do sudo npm install create-react-app -g, although I don't think going to any particular directory matters since -g means it will be installed globally.
  4. Stay inside a parent directory and then do create-react-app project_name
  5. npm start: Which showed me a default page with a nice React logo
  6. In the same folder project_name which was created from the create-react-app step, I ran npm install -g gulp
  7. I then ran npm install semantic-ui --save as listed on Semantic UI website
  8. npm audit fix to fix some issue it said are critical (running this didn't change anything)
  9. In project_name folder, I ran cd semantic
  10. And then folder semantic, I did gulp build

This is how I assume I am supposed to install Semantic UI.

To now help you understand how my project is structured, it looks like this:

<code>project_name</code> structure

All of these files are the standard default files that are created when you do create-react-app.. and follow the steps I've done

My App.js which even you can recreate looks like this (this file I'm assuming is what renders whatever is inside return() to the root div present in index.html located in the directory public which you can see in my image..

In the same index.html in the public folder, I also add this portion in the <head> section

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="semantic/dist/semantic.min.css">
  <script src="semantic/dist/semantic.min.js"></script>

which I'm assuming is what brings in all the Semantic UI components..

Let's say I want to see this Multiple Selection component of Semantic UI

which is defined by this code:

import React from 'react'
import { Dropdown } from 'semantic-ui-react'

const options = [
  { key: 'angular', text: 'Angular', value: 'angular' },
  { key: 'css', text: 'CSS', value: 'css' },
  { key: 'design', text: 'Graphic Design', value: 'design' },
  { key: 'ember', text: 'Ember', value: 'ember' },
  { key: 'html', text: 'HTML', value: 'html' },
  { key: 'ia', text: 'Information Architecture', value: 'ia' },
  { key: 'javascript', text: 'Javascript', value: 'javascript' },
  { key: 'mech', text: 'Mechanical Engineering', value: 'mech' },
  { key: 'meteor', text: 'Meteor', value: 'meteor' },
  { key: 'node', text: 'NodeJS', value: 'node' },
  { key: 'plumbing', text: 'Plumbing', value: 'plumbing' },
  { key: 'python', text: 'Python', value: 'python' },
  { key: 'rails', text: 'Rails', value: 'rails' },
  { key: 'react', text: 'React', value: 'react' },
  { key: 'repair', text: 'Kitchen Repair', value: 'repair' },
  { key: 'ruby', text: 'Ruby', value: 'ruby' },
  { key: 'ui', text: 'UI Design', value: 'ui' },
  { key: 'ux', text: 'User Experience', value: 'ux' },

const DropdownExampleMultipleSelection = () => (
  <Dropdown placeholder='Skills' fluid multiple selection options={options} />

export default DropdownExampleMultipleSelection

In which specific file do I add this code above and have the UI rendered/returned when I do npm start?

You can recreate my file structure from a folder if you follow the steps I've listed above..

  • Need to install semantic-ui-react .... react.semantic-ui.com/usage. And no need for jQuery and no need for gulp in create-react-app – charlietfl Oct 7 at 22:01
  • @charlietfl Ohhh.. Okay.. So by default Semantic UI has two ways to be used.. The jQuery way and the React way. And I have installed the default one which is the jQuery implementation, forgive me for sounding like a potato.. I'm new to JavaScript.. I currently have the jQuery installed version of Semantic UI.. Do I just LET IT STAY THERE and then do yarn add semantic-ui-react Where do I now copy paste the React based code of Semantic UI – Abhishek Oct 7 at 22:26
  • Can use npm instead of yarn if that's what you are working with. Also get rid of jQuery. You should not need it in a create-react-app – charlietfl Oct 7 at 22:29
  • @charlietfl If you can post your instructions as an answer, I can upvote it and Accept it.. What do I do after I go into the project folder and do yarn add semantic-ui-react? Thanks for your help! – Abhishek Oct 7 at 22:39
  • There are full examples of all components as well as source code for each example in the link above. The source code also shows the imports – charlietfl Oct 7 at 22:42

Try in App.js

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import DropdownExampleMultipleSelection from '/path/yourFile';

class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (

export default App;
  • Doesn't work man.. – Abhishek Oct 7 at 22:26

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