I am starting to write a book using bookdown and trying to find the best workflow. First of all I am trying to make frequency tables, crosstables and model summaries, using bookdown with pdf format mainly, but I am pretty sure my advisor will love I send word documents for revision, so also getting a word output would be awesome. Word output can be achieved producing first the .html file and then opening with Word. So .html and .pdf output at the same time are desiderables.

Tables are the main problem because seems impossible to find a productive way to produce frequency, crosstable and summarymodels without too excessive pain in both formats at the same time. Using knitr has an added value since it and kableExtra provide a set of customizations.

So far I've tried:

1) sjmisc / sjPlot with the frq / sjt.frq (deprecated) function but only provides html objects as it is said in the comments of this post, also has the lack of labels for cross reference in the document.

2) stargazer package but doesn't have frequency tables available and .pdf and .html output at the same time seems impossible to achieve. However summary models are pretty good!

3) descr package with the freq function used inside kable:

f <- descr::freq(iris$Species, plot = F)
kableExtra::kable(data.frame(f), caption = "Foo") 

However crosstab output cant be coerced to data.frame while using crosstab function.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

  • Is there any update on how to integrate model summaries in a nice way in a HTML document? – Frederick Apr 11 at 15:00
  • Yes! Sorry for not answering before somehow I missed up your comment. There is a little light at the end! Since using rmarkdown to produce html seems less tricky to produce tables and outputs, at least for me. I started to use the new package pagedown to paginate into pdf html documents. – Tito Sanz May 14 at 19:02



Check out this sample document (I'm still working on this document recently so you may expect some change). Note that you might need the latest dev version of kableExtra and bookdown for some of the formatting features mentioned there.

  • Thanks @Hao that was exactly was I was looking for, btw very nice repo and information. I miss some example in the bookdown_example with crosstable with count and row/col percentages in the documentation (for example, those produce using crosstab function in descr package) since it's not been easy to find a package to render using kableExtra and most common tables in reports are frequency tables or crosstables. – Tito Sanz Oct 9 '18 at 7:30
  • Any news on this @TitoSanz? How did you end up integrating model summary tables? – Frederick May 13 at 12:04
  • I answered in your comment above. – Tito Sanz May 14 at 19:02
  • @Frederick a new way seems to use pagedown package. Give it a try! – Tito Sanz Aug 19 at 20:18

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