I have an angular application using ngx-formly(dynamic forms) with a formly type (select) in which I have a subscribe(). In the component the formly form is defined with an Observable for the formly type and created dynamically.

In the component I have a Subject and buttons, producing a next(), the formly type does not receive the data (also didn't receive a complete). A subscribe() in the component itself works.

Changing from Subject to BehaviorSubject<number>() I receive one time data in the formly type, but no further data on next().

The code is meant to be used in a stepper/wizard, changing to a next step, all select's in this step should reload their options.

A 100% working stackblitz example can be found here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-9ts63k?file=src%2Fapp%2Fapp.component.ts

I have a good understanding of rxjs (using rxjs and ngx-store for two years; I am by far an expert), but with this I am completely stuck, so any ideas why rxjs with the same setup as in the stackblitz example is not working in my application are welcome.

  • "@angular/core": "^6.1.9"
  • "rxjs": "^6.3.3"
  • no rxjs-compat
  • What do you mean by one time data in the formly type? In the demo when I click on next X it shows some output in console. – martin Oct 8 at 9:42
  • I could not reproduce your described behavior. If I replace all occurrences of this.stepSelected$ with this.stepSelectedXXX$ it produces the same behavior as before. – alex kucksdorf Oct 8 at 9:44
  • 1
    The stackblitz example is 100% working, the same setup in my application does not work, but don't find a reason why, so any ideas are welcome. – Fritz Herbers Oct 8 at 10:11
  • Where exactly does it not work? You should be able to use the console logs to find out. StackBlitz is good to go though once switched to BehaviorSubject. Maybe copy paste stackBlitz back into your app. – Avin Kavish Oct 8 at 10:19

It seems like the architecture that you are trying to use is very similar to that of ngrx/effects (Find the Github Here). So now the problem with your code is that you are subscribing to the subject stepSelected$ instead you are just piping it and applying switchMap operator on it. You cannot receive the value from an observable until you subscribe it.

this.stepSelected$.subscribe(value => {

You will have to do something like this to get value from the subject and then call the API.

  • No this is off on a tangent, the question is that formly is not subscribing to the observable passed to it. His usage of switchMap is correct. If you look at ngOnInit you will see his subscription usage. To my understanding problem is line 26. – Avin Kavish Oct 8 at 10:01
  • The subscribe is done in core/select.type.ts (besides another subscribe in the component/ngOnInt). The stackblitz example is 100% working, press the buttons and look at the changed options. But why it does not work in my application. – Fritz Herbers Oct 8 at 10:09

I found the culprit. The application makes use of dynamic forms and used cloneDeep in a service to copy the formly field definition (which was overlooked). Up till now the application used only a return of an Observable without using a Subject which worked. Now using an additional Subject things didn't work anymore, inspecting the Observable stream showed that one was closed.

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