I use Quartz scheduler for executing 10 jobs. All of these jobs have their own trigger. So they are executed asynchronously.

However now I need 2 of these jobs to be executed in more specific way. Lets say that Job1 is executed every even minute and Job2 every odd minute. Now I want Job2 to wait for Job1 to be finished. Example: Job1 starts to execute at 10:02. At 10:03 Job2's trigger is fired. But before Job2 starts to execute, it will look at Job1 if it has finished.

I found annotation @DisallowConcurrentExecution for job class that implements Job interface. I thought that this will do the thing, but then I read that it will only disallow concurrent execution of jobs with the same JobKey(name,group). But I cant have the same JobKey for my jobs. So this annnotation is good for just one job I guess.

Do you have some idea how I can solve my issue? Many thanks.

  • If you need to synchronize job executions, then you may be better of using so-called job chains where you can specify a source job and a list of target jobs to be executed (immediately, after a fixed delay, or at a computed time) when the source job finishes executing. You can completely externalize the job chaining logic from your code and avoid using various synchronizers / barriers in your code etc. I can elaborate and provide more details if you think this solution makes sense in your case. – Jan Moravec Oct 9 '18 at 8:47

You can define a static variable to mark Job1 finished or not. When you create Job2, in your code, you can check the static variable before execute.


Check the details of existing running job with this call and take appropriate action..

JobDetail jobDetail = scheduler.getJobDetail(jobKey);

Refer this Jobs status

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