I am trying to develop a .NET application to revoke a certificate obtained from a Microsoft CA.

I was able to get it working using ICertAdmin::RevokeCertificate and the pointers given in this link.

However, I find that the revocation works only if I run this application from a computer that is connected to the same domain as the CA. When run from a non-domain joined computer, it fails with the following error message:

CCertAdmin::RevokeCertificate: The RPC server is unavailable. 0x800706ba (WIN32: 1722 RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE)

Now, my question is:

  1. Is this how ICertAdmin is supposed to work?
  2. If yes, is there any way to programmatically revoke certificates from outside a domain?
  • IMHO makes sense forcing only trusted users (users withing the domain) to modify the certificates. You could always develop a webservice with anonymous authentication and runs under a domain account that contains the revocation logic. Anyway, consider that webservice dangerous (you dont want everybody tampering your certificates)
    – Cleptus
    Oct 8 '18 at 11:39
  • @bradbury9 - Thank you for the comment. I guess allowing only domain accounts to revoke certificates does make sense.
    – Bala
    Oct 9 '18 at 18:48

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