I am copying data from prod to test for testing purpose in hive using bash script. when i am doing so for a table , I have received a memory heap issue. to solve this , I am planning to read the data from rundate (day when i am executing the script) to the day where the data available for every 100 days to avoid this issue. can you please let me know how to achieve this using bash and please do let me know if is there any other approach other than setting up the memory

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    Share and example, and what you have tried so far. – Lohit Gupta Oct 8 '18 at 17:33
  • Hi Lohit,Thank you for the response. am trying to compare the counts of prod with test after copying millions of records from table A of prod db to table A ofTest db. since i am seeing issue in executing the query , I am trying to do count for every 100 days of data from today rundate to the date the data available and will compare against the test db to ensure all the data are copied. – user42270 Oct 8 '18 at 17:36

You basically need to run a HiveQL(.hql) script from shell.

Create a .hql script with your query of pulling only last 100 days of data.


select * from my_database.my_table 
where insert_date BETWEEN '2018-07-01' AND '2018-10-01';

Now you can call this script from hive shell: hive -f example.hql

Or you can create a shell script and execute your query in it. run.sh

    hive -e "select * from my_database.my_table 
    where insert_date BETWEEN '2018-07-01' AND '2018-10-01'" >select.txt

    result=`echo $?`
    if [ $result -ne 0 ]; then
    echo "Error!!!!"
    echo "Hive error number is: $result"
    exit 1
    echo "no error, do your stuffs"

Then execute your shell script by sh run.sh.

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