I'm trying to make a scrollable menu of text items on mobile (iOS and Android) with Delphi 10.2.3.

I've added a TListView and put labels on it. They won't scroll at runtime.

I've added a TVertScrollBox and put labels on it. They won't scroll at runtime.

Am I missing something about scrolling components?

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    Please post your code. – Dalija Prasnikar Oct 8 at 18:44
  • I've never seen such a problem. I would think Emba/SO would be flooded with complaints if there was a bug of this nature. Perhaps the problem is in your code which we cannot see? – Jerry Dodge Oct 8 at 19:33
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    If the labels in the TVertScrollBox have HitTest set to True, the scrollbox will not scroll since the OnClick of the labels will fire if the user touches them – Dave Nottage Oct 9 at 0:40
  • Actually the TVertScrollBox does allow scrolling even though the labels have HitTest set to True. I had to call BringToFront before it would work in my code. It's the TListView that fails to scroll with labels with HitTest True. – Mike at Bookup Oct 9 at 17:02
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While TListView still fails to scroll with TLabels on it, TVertScrollBox does scroll when it is full of TLabels with their HitTest property set to True. Problem solved.

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