i have 37 M record in Source file but target ave only 3000 records i want to remove the additional records and only need those 3000 records. Any fastest solution in Python ?

  • You have to show us what you have done till now. – TejSoft Oct 8 at 23:44

I can't tell if it's easier to delete what you don't want or just keep what you do want, because you didn't provide any sample data. Anyway, I just tested the script below and it worked fine for me.

with open("C:\\path_here\\test.txt","r+") as f:
    new_f = f.readlines()
    for line in new_f:
        if "return_3y" in line:

On a 5MB file, it took just a second to do the work. For your 37MB file, I'm guessing it will take a few seconds to do everything. Not too bad...

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