Good day to all, I have the following situation: it turns out that I have to give maintenance to a project, for this I use a new domain in Weblogic Server, in which I make different configurations of other MQ servers. It is worth mentioning that these configurations and other MQ servers are the same as those used in the previous version of the project that I am modifying.

I have successfully deployed my components, which listen to MQ messages, however, when I inject a message into the input queue of any component, it is not consumed, it remains glued on the queue.

The funny thing is that it shows me absolutely nothing, not even an error, simply the messages are not consumed. It is important to mention that the domain in which the project was developed, everything works perfectly, but in the new one it does not.

We thought it was the Weblogic version but we installed the same, we can say that we have made a copy of the domain in which everything works well, but this has not worked.

The truth we have been stranded in this situation for a while, I would appreciate your help.

P.D: If I have not explained myself well, please let me know.

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