My Android Studio has changed its Autocomplete style from multi-line to one line in XML.enter image description here Every time I create new tag. The editor is making it in one line, not a multi-line. Which is annoying. How can I fix that issue?

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    In Mac, Go to Preferences -> Editor -> Code Style -> XML In Windows, File -> Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> XML Under Android tab, below the Layout Files, set "Wrap attributes:" Wrap always, check mark on "Insert line break before first attribute" and " Insert blank line before tag"
    – Quantum_VC
    Oct 9, 2018 at 3:46

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Go to Editor -> Code Style -> XML -> Android and change Layout Files attributes as below:

  • Wrap Attributes = Wrap Always
  • Mark Insert line break before first attribute
  • Mark Insert blank line before tag

    enter image description here


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