im trying to change the favorite state of a post to either true or false on my server but i keep having this same issue over and over. i click on the favorite button and sure enough the favorite state changes. but then when i click on it again nothing happens.nothing changes. then if i delete the static cache and click on the favorite button it does change the favorite state but only the first time. basically every time i need to change the state i have to delete the cache.same thing is happening when i try to add reviews to the server. this is my code for adding favorites to the server

static setFavorite() {
      const id =;
      const fav_state =;
      const fav_div = document.getElementById('fav_div');
      let image = document.getElementById('fav_img');
      console.log("fav", fav_state);

      if (fav_state == 'true') {
    DBHelper.toggleFavorite(id, false);
    } else {
      DBHelper.toggleFavorite(id, true);

  static toggleFavorite(id, value) {
    fetch('http://localhost:1337/restaurants/' + id + '/?is_favorite=' + value,
        method: 'POST',
        headers: {
            "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        value: JSON.stringify(value)
    .then(r => r.json())
      .then(res => console.log(value));
  • Can you also add to your post what is the content of value in setFavorite as well as right in the beginning of toggleFavorite and on the end of it as well? Also are we certain the address is not 'http://localhost:1337/restaurants/' + id + '?is_favorite=' + value? (no / before the ?) – Akrion Oct 9 at 3:27
  • yes the url is correct. this is the url used for the api http://localhost:1337/restaurants/<restaurant_id>/?is_favorite= where is_favorite could be either true or false – user3089096 Oct 9 at 3:32

Feels like some code is missing here. It looks like setFavorite() function takes fat_state from and passes that value to the toggleFavorite. But there is nothing in the code you provided which shows how is modified.

I'm not sure if in your code you're forgetting to flip it to from true to false and from false to true.

Also on a side note (for better javascript in your code) Do not use == true and maybe try to refactor your code to have a strict comparison (=== true) to avoid any side-effects. Also not sure why do you need let image in your code at all and that image related code you provided.

  • that's the thing. on the first hit no matter what the value is the data is modified.but if i try and click it again that's when it stops working.i mean i have the if statement. i don't get why it wouldn't work – user3089096 Oct 9 at 3:06
  • Put console.log() entries there before IF statement (with the value of fav_state) and then inside IF and inside ELSE statements - do you see an output? – anvk Oct 9 at 13:05

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