The current process is follow:
1. GET a number length 24.
2. if the number is repeat in current data set, return true; else , return false and make the number join the data set.

now I use redis set type to store the data set. question is that , the storage is now up to more then 5G, cause the data set is becoming larging with the increase of user.

and if I want to reduce the storage and keep the detect speed fastly, any plan can I choose? even replace the redis is ok.

until now, I have think about use tree struct to store the dataset instead of redis set type. but when I use php array (like tree) to store the data set. the storage is more bigger.

function isUnique($mobile){
    $arr = str_split($mobile, 10);
    global $tree;
    $isUnique = false;
    $tmp = $tree;
    foreach($arr as $item){
        if(! isset($tmp[$item])){
            $isUnique = true;
        $tmp = $tmp[$item];

         $tmp = &$tree;
        $keys = [];
        foreach($arr as $value){
                $tmp[$value] = [];
            $tmp = &$tmp[$value];
    return $isUnique;

Friends advice to using bitmap to save the data. but the number is 24 bit length, the bitmap will still use out of storage.

any one can give some ideas, thinks a lot.

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