I am writing a new Perl 6 project for work, and would like to be able to test whether all parts can be used correctly. For this, I'm using the use-ok subroutine from the Test module. I'm trying to easily test all module files using the following code:

.map({ use-ok $_ })

My issue here is that there are a few files that contain a definition for a MAIN subroutine. From the output I see when running prove -e 'perl6 -Ilib' t, it looks like one of the files is having their MAIN executed, and then the testing stops.

I want to test whether these files can be used correctly, without actually running the MAIN subs that are defined within them. How would I do this?

The MAIN of a file is only executed if it is in the top level of the mainline of a program. So:

sub MAIN() is export { }     # this will be executed when the mainline executes

However, if you move the MAIN sub out of the toplevel, it will not get executed. But you can still export it.

    sub MAIN() is export { } # will *not* execute

Sorry for it taking so long to answer: it took a while for me to figure what the question was :-)

  • I want MAIN to be executed when mainline executes, but I don't want it to execute during testing with use-ok. – Tyil Oct 16 at 6:52
  • Do you want to have the MAIN execute when you do use ? – Elizabeth Mattijsen Oct 16 at 9:29
  • Yes, when I use it from a regular Perl 6 script, I want the MAIN to be imported and be executed (when the arguments are correct, of course). – Tyil Oct 16 at 14:05
  • Then my solution above should do what you want it to do. Also for use-ok. Or am I still missing something ? – Elizabeth Mattijsen Oct 16 at 17:35

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