I have an issue while giving the confirmation message in FormFlow for Skype bot. The issue comes whenever the user gives the "No" for confirmation in the email id column

I get email id as: Group Mailbox Email Address (<a tabindex ="-1" target = "_blank title="mailto:1152@infy.com" href="mailto:1152@infy.com">1152@infy.com </a>)

Is there any way i can just change this to: Group Mailbox Email Address(1152@infy.com)

This issue is coming only in Skype bot for web chat it works fine.

Pls let me know if anyone has some workaround for this.

Thanks, Sheveta

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    You say you want to change Group Mailbox Email Address(1152@infy.com) to Group Mailbox Email Address(1152@infy.com). These appear to be the same thing. Is that a typo? – Kyle Delaney Oct 9 at 18:34
  • Ya it was a typo I pasted the same i guess. Currently its coming as Group Mailbox Email Address(<a tabindex="-1" target="_blank" title="mailto:1152@infy.com" href="mailto:1152@infy.com">1152@infy.com</a>) I need it as : Group Mailbox Email Address(1152@infy.com) without the anchor tags – user64870 Oct 10 at 3:54
  • Hey, I was able to resolve by changing the state as below: .Confirm(async (state) => { if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(state.GroupMailboxEmailAddress)) { state.GroupMailboxEmailAddress = Regex.Replace(state.GroupMailboxEmailAddress, "</?(a|A).*?>", ""); } } Thanks, Sheveta – user64870 Oct 10 at 12:17
  • Okay, please do edit your question with the correct information and post your answer as the answer – Kyle Delaney Oct 10 at 15:39
  • Hi Kyle while editing the question i see that the question asked is coming in the same format as i have mentioned above. the browser is rendering it without the anchor tags. – user64870 Oct 11 at 5:04

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