I have error

A "NullPointerException" could be thrown; "btn" is nullable here.

on code:

Button btn = getButton();
Assert.assertNotNull ("No button", btn);

How I can resolve this problem except case:

Button btn = getButton();
if (btn != null) {
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  • otherwise make sure getButton(); method always sends back a button. – Jebil Oct 9 at 11:21

If you are using java-8,then you can use Optional

Optional<Button> btn = getButton();//need to let return to Optional<Button>
btn.ifPresent(b -> b.click());

I think Assert should be used only in test classes. You can replace it with java.util.Objects#requireNonNull (require Java 7):

Button btn = getButton();


Button btn = Objects.requireNonNull(getButton());

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