Suppose I have a list of names under variable Names:

Beckham, Benjamin  
Roy, Andrew R. 
Shaunson, David T.

How do I create two variables, one named Last_name, the other First_name?

Variable Last_name will be a list containing:


Variable First_name will be a list containing:

Andrew R.
David T.
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Your understanding of what you want should lead you to look for a Stata command named (something like) split. Seek (with e.g. search) and you will find.

input str42 whatever 
"Beckham, Benjamin" 
"Roy, Andrew R."
"Shaunson, David T."

split whatever, parse(,) 
rename (whatever?) (lastname firstname) 


     |           whatever   lastname    firstname |
  1. |  Beckham, Benjamin    Beckham     Benjamin |
  2. |     Roy, Andrew R.        Roy    Andrew R. |
  3. | Shaunson, David T.   Shaunson     David T. |

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