I am able to connect to linux server using Renci.SshNet from c# below code

using Renci.SShNEt
using (SshClient ssh = new SshClient("ServerName", "UserName", "Password"))
  Console.WriteLine(ssh.CreateCommand("cd /optum/csg/01datafs/dev/nonp/scripts/auto && /usr/bin/nohup /usr/bin/bash BIR_NTR_UX_STDTRSSAV_ONESHOTNJ.sh Testing_ONETIME1 20000101~day~8~6&").Execute());

This shell script internally running SAS job "/sas/scripts/sas $2 $5 -f -sysparm "$4" -log $3 -q hab_tws_hasasecs -version 9.4" which is not happening.

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