My cell output in Jupyter Notebook is cut off on the left hand side which obscures the leftmost output. For reference (I can't post images yet):


Any idea how to fix this?

EDIT: Thanks to rabbit on below, the problem seems to be caused by using the alternate themes provided by Jupyter Themes

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Found the solution on Jupyter Themes github page:


"In the custom.css file, I fixed it by changing both the div.out_prompt_overlay.prompt's and the div.out_prompt_overlay.prompt:hover's min-width and width values to 11.5ex instead of the original 14.5ex."

Alternatively I added the padding:

div.output_area { display: -webkit-box; padding: 13px; }

To the chesterish.css file (which was the theme I was using) and reapplied the theme using jupyter themes.

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    Had the same problem. Solved by upgrading package and loading my theme again.
    – Ernest
    Jan 21, 2019 at 9:44
  • Ctrl + Shift + C to open DevTools in the browser.
  • go to Sources and click on static
  • search for: div.output_area
  • change padding to 13px

(The developer missed 1 and put only 3px distance)


This was raised as a bug and fixed (see https://github.com/dunovank/jupyter-themes/issues/273). As stated by Ernest in a comment: the solution is to upgrade the package and load the theme again i.e.

pip install --upgrade jupyterthemes
jt -t {theme}

you need to fix the container-margins in the command line by:

jt -m 100

and then:

jupyter notebook

(100 was good for me)

  • This disables the theme for me Apr 28 at 7:53

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