Scenario is as follows:

  • Existing publication with only push subscriptions under a Merge Replication environment
  • Distributor resides on the Publishing Server

I would like to add a unidirectional (publisher to subscriber only) pull subscription to this environment without modifying the existing push subscriptions.

This pull subscription needs to exclude certain articles that are currently being pushed to the other subscribers.

This pull subscription also has a different set of publishing properties for one specific article. In other words, Table A and Table B reside on the Publisher and share the same table structure(columns) but differing data. Table C exists on all subscriptions. Table A is currently being pushed to Table C on the Push subscribers, but I want the Table C residing on the new Pull Subscription to pull data from table B of the Publisher.

1) Is it possible/recommended to have a replication environment containing a mix of push and pull subscriptions?

2) Can I modify publishing properties/published articles of just the Pull subscription without affecting the existing environment?

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