I was looking for some info on the MSDN forums but couldn't find a good forum/ While reading on the spark site I've the hint that here I would have better chances. So bottom line, I want to read a Blob storage where there is a contiguous feed of XML files, all small files, finaly we store these files in a Azure DW. Using Azure Databricks I can use Spark and python, but I can't find a way to 'read' the xml type. Some sample script used a library xml.etree.ElementTree but I can't get it imported.. So any help pushing me a a good direction is appreciated.


I found this one is really helpful. https://github.com/raveendratal/PysparkTelugu/blob/master/Read_Write_XML_File.ipynb

he has a youtube to walk through the steps as well.

in summary, 2 approaches:

  1. install in your databricks cluster at the 'library' tab.
  2. install it via launching spark-shell in the notebook itself.

One way is to use the databricks spark-xml library :

  1. Import the spark-xml library into your workspace https://docs.databricks.com/user-guide/libraries.html#create-a-library (search spark-xml in the maven/spark package section and import it)
  2. Attach the library to your cluster https://docs.databricks.com/user-guide/libraries.html#attach-a-library-to-a-cluster
  3. Use the following code in your notebook to read the xml file, where "note" is the root of my xml file.

xmldata = spark.read.format('xml').option("rootTag","note").load('dbfs:/mnt/mydatafolder/xmls/note.xml')

Example :



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