I'm working on setting up publish profiles so that we can start deploying our web sites/services as packages using IIS Deploy in TFS. Is there any way to reference a singular connection string file in my parameters.xml similar to using the configSource attribute in web.configs?


We have a large codeset that includes approx 120 business objects that are shared across nearly 150 distinct apps, sites, and services. As an example, in order for an site to use one of the business objects, we reference the dll for the object and in our web.config we provide it a connection string. Then as we move through environments, we can update that connection string.

Because we have so many apps, and so many connection strings, we have created a standard connection string file for each environment and simply include it as a configSource attribute in the connectionStrings node of the web.config. This way, if anything changes, or we add a new one, we can update it once and all apps/objects have access to it.

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