I'm reading in a number of tables and would like to know the name of the table being processed so I can save it to my output table. Is there an automatic variable or some sort of flag that will help? I'm sure this can be done when reading in a list of CSV files etc. But these are data sets. Something like:

%let table_list=one two three;
Data whatever;
  set &table_list;
  table_name = ?????;

You need to use the INDSNAME= option on the SET statement. Look up the details.


creates and names a variable that stores the name of the SAS data set from which the current observation is read. The stored name can be a data set name or a physical name. The physical name is the name by which the operating environment recognizes the file.

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    A link to the documentation can be found here and an example here. – Amir Oct 10 '18 at 16:05

If you have just created a dataset in a previous proc or datastep, you can use the &SYSLAST automatic macro variable to retrieve its name.

If you want to save this as part of the metadata for a downstream data set, rather than storing it in a variable, one option is to assign a label to that dataset, e.g.

data input_ds;

%put &SYSLAST;

data output_ds(label="created from &SYSLAST");
  set input_ds;

%put &SYSLAST;

You can also use proc datasets to assign data set labels:

/*Modify an existing label*/
proc datasets lib = work;
  modify output_ds(label="New label");

You can retrieve a data set label using the attrc function.

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