I have similar services on the same host. For example I have two mysql server named mysql01 e mysql02. I have installed two mysqld_exporter one for each mysql server. The values of label instance are instance="<host>-mysql01" and instance="<host>-mysql02". I have also installed node_exporter on the same host.

I wish to relate mysql_exporter series with node_exporter series. For example, on the same grafana dashboard, dedicated to mysql0x, I wish to visualize metrics about swap memory and buffer pool size. So I need to visualize the following series:


How can I extract from instance label value <host>-mysql0x the host part?

As bonus question: there is a best practice to label similar service on the same host?

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you can use regex to do that as mentioned in the documentation. http://docs.grafana.org/reference/templating/#filter-and-modify-the-options-using-a-regex-capture-group-to-return-part-of-the-text enter image description here

Note: regex in image is just example

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