I am using C++ Builder to develop an application. I have encountered an error:

Access violation at address 00DC4D28(00C8672A ,00DCB06C, 00DC398C ) in module 'XXX.exe'. Write of address 00000278.

I searched the net and this kind of access violation I saw here: Handling onclick for button added to another application. I am not trying to do anything like that. My forms are created with (self) "this" as owner/parent.

I am using madExcept and I get this problem from customers' computers quite often, I am not able to reproduce it. This exception happens it seems in quite a few places but I am not sure if it is: my code related or Embarcadero classes related.

The latest function called is InitWndProc from Vcl.Controls. I thought that it can be caused by handle leaks but they seem constant, and memory leaks are not that many. I tried also FastMM but since I can't reproduce, I don't know what I can do anymore. So if someone has ideas how to debug or fix please write.

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