I have a question. I have a field in my SAS dataset that has a mixture of datetime and date variables. The field is PST_DT and is Type: Numeric. Group: Date. Format: Date9. Length: 8. Some values look like this:

8/22/2018  11:59:59 PM

How can I turn just the datetime values in date format? I want all the values to be in date format. Thanks.

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    What you have described is not possible. You cannot store timepart in a DATE variable. Are you saying you have text file or a character variable that has the strings you posted? – Tom Oct 10 at 14:00

The question does not make much sense as a date variable (number of days since 1960) cannot have a time component at all, much less have it selectively.

If you have a DATETIME value (number of seconds since 1960) and want to convert it to a date value use the datepart() function. And attach a date format so that the value displays in a human friendly way.

pst_date = datepart(pst_dt);
format pst_date yymmdd10. ;

If you have instead a character string then use the ANYDTDTE. informat to convert it to a date value.

pst_date = input(pst_dt,anydtdte40.);
format pst_date yymmdd10. ;
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This worked!!!

data OUT.REQ_1_3_02 ;
SET OUT.REQ_1_3_01;

a= day(PST_DT);
b= month(PST_DT);
 c= year(PST_DT);
 date = input(catx("/",b,a,c),mmddyy10.);
 format date mmddyy10.;
run ;
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    You didn't do anything with that code. You took a date and pulled it apart, made a string, and converted the string back to a date. You could have only used the FORMAT statement and had the same results. – Tom Oct 10 at 15:21

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