I have a list of users with several values in their ProxyAddresses attribute e.g.

SMTP:[email protected]
smtp:[email protected]
smtp:[email protected]
smtp:[email protected]

and many other unknown ones.

What I want to do is:

  1. Convert all existing addresses that begin with smtp/SMTP to lowercase
  2. Add/replace the one that conforms to the SMTP:[email protected] standard (to make it the primary)

I've not got very far, running this just strips all proxyaddresses out and adds the one specified:

$userou = "OU=test2,OU=Test,OU=Users,DC=Corp,DC=Local"
$users = Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase $userou -Properties SamAccountName, ProxyAddresses

foreach ($user in $users) {
    Get-ADUser $user | Set-ADUser -Replace @{'ProxyAddresses'="SMTP:[email protected]"}

How do I enumerate through each value in a multivalue attribute?

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The below code should do what you need. It updates the ProxyAddresses multivalue property so that all 'smtp/SMTP' addresses will become lowercase and the new Primary emailaddress is computed and inserted in the list.

I have added a small helper function to replace diacritic characters that may appear in the users first or last name because especially Outlook 365 does not handle these characters very well.

$userou = "OU=test2,OU=Test,OU=Users,DC=Corp,DC=Local"
$users  = Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase $userou -Properties SamAccountName, ProxyAddresses, EmailAddress

function Replace-Diacritics {
    # helper function to replace characters in email addresses that especially Outlook365 does not like..
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true, Position = 0, ValueFromPipeline = $true)]
        [string] $EmailAdress
    $chars = @()
    $normalized = $EmailAdress.Normalize( [Text.NormalizationForm]::FormD )
    $normalized.ToCharArray() | ForEach-Object { 
        if( [Globalization.CharUnicodeInfo]::GetUnicodeCategory($_) -ne [Globalization.UnicodeCategory]::NonSpacingMark) {
            $chars += $_
    $chars -join ''

foreach ($user in $users) {
    # create the new primary emailaddress
    # remove invalid characters and replace diacritics ("Frédérique.Étrangé[email protected]" --> "[email protected]")
    $newPrimary = ($("{0}.{1}@Domain2.com" -f $user.GivenName, $user.Surname) -replace '[\s()<>,;:''"{}/[\]\\]+', '').ToLower()
    $newPrimary = "SMTP:" + (Replace-Diacritics ($newPrimary -replace '\.+', '.'))

    # get all email addresses and convert them to lowercase. At the same time dedupe this array.
    # this will also replace 'SMTP:' of the former Primary email address to become an alias ('smtp:')
    $emailAliases = @($user.ProxyAddresses | Where-Object { $_ -match '^smtp:.*' -and $_ -ne $newPrimary } | 
                                             ForEach-Object { $_.ToLower() } |
                                             Sort-Object -Unique)
    # read all other existing stuff
    $otherAddresses = @($user.ProxyAddresses | Where-Object { $_ -notmatch '^smtp:.*' })

    # now merge all addresses into one array, the Primary email address on top for easier reading in ADUC
    $newProxies = (@($newPrimary) + $emailAliases) + $otherAddresses

    # finally replace the users ProxyAddresses property. I like:
    $user | Set-ADUser -Clear ProxyAddresses
    $user | Set-ADUser -Add @{'proxyAddresses'=$newProxies }
    # but you could also do
    # $user | Set-ADUser -Replace @{'proxyAddresses' = $newProxies}

    # finally, put the new primary email address in the users 'mail' property
    $user | Set-ADUser -EmailAddress $($newPrimary -replace 'SMTP:', '')
  • Thank you, I'll give this a try!
    – Aziz
    Oct 12, 2018 at 12:09
  • @Aziz Please see the edited code. The previous code had an error that could mean losing the former primary email address. The new code transforms this old primary address into an alias.
    – Theo
    Oct 12, 2018 at 12:25

Untested, because I don't have an AD at my disposal here, but I'd expect something like this to work, since multivalued attributes should be returned as collections.

$addr = $user.ProxyAddresses -creplace '^SMTP:', 'smtp:'
$addr += 'SMTP:[email protected]'
$user | Set-ADUser -Replace @{ 'ProxyAddresses' = $addr }

To assign the correct new primary address to each user you could map the addresses to usernames in a hashtable and then do a lookup rather than assign the new primary address as a static value:

$addr += $newPrimaryAddress[$user.SamAccountName]

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