I am attemping to do a registry search with in a wix installer so that I know where to install my plug in. I am trying to look up where Tekla Structures 2018i is installed at. However, every time I try running the installer my condition fails. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Product tag:

<Property Id="TSMAINDIR">
        <RegistrySearch Id="TS2018iSetupMain"
      <Condition Message="This application requires Tekla Structures 2018i. Please install Tekla Structures 2018i then run this installer again.">
        <![CDATA[Installed or TSMAINDIR]]>

RegEdit: enter image description here


I have created a log file. The file is rather lengthly so I will not post it. However, When I do a search for TSMAINDIR I find the following:

AppSearch: Property: TSMAINDIR, Signature: TS2018iSetupMain
MSI (c) (00:34) [14:25:26:994]: Note: 1: 2262 2: Signature 3: -2147287038 
MSI (c) (00:34) [14:25:26:994]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding TSMAINDIR property. Its value is 'C:\Program Files\Tekla Structures\'.

MSI (s) (E4:2C) [14:25:27:694]: Ignoring disallowed property TSMAINDIR
  • You can try the Secure attribute as I have added to the answer below first of all, and then we will see if that by chance solves the problem. I doubt it. – Stein Åsmul Oct 10 '18 at 18:43

Looks OK to me. You have the right bitness flag so you search the x64 section of the registry. Have you looked in the log file? How to create a log file.

I don't really think it should matter since you are not in deferred mode, but try setting the property to be secure:

<Property Id="TSMAINDIR" Secure="yes">
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