I have a Time (24 hours formate) column in my dataset and I would like to use SPSS Modeler to bin the timings into the respective parts of the day.

For example, 0500-0900 = early morning ; 1000-1200 = late morning ; 1300-1500 = afternoon

May I know how do I go about doing that? Here is how my Time column looks like -

Time data column

Here is how to read the data - e.g. 824 = 0824AM ; 46 = 0046AM

I've actually tried to use the Binning node by adjusting the bin-width in SPSS modeler and here's the result:

SPSS modeler result

It's weird because I do not have any negative data in my dataset but the starting number of bin 1 is a negative amount as shown in the photo.


The images that you added are blocked to me, but did you here's an idea of solution:

  • Create a Derive node with a query similar to this (new categorical variable): if (TIME>= 500 or TIME <=900) then 'early morning' elseif (TIME>= 1000 or TIME <=1200) then 'late morning' else 'afternoon' endif

Hope to have been helpful.

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