I am developing a REST API using spring-boot (2.0.5) and camel (2.22.1). The API is defined and auto-documented using Camel's excellent REST DSL. All working great, apart from when I examine the generated swagger (JSON or YAML) my responses contain an invalid property responseSchema which appears to be a duplicate of the valid schema property which I'd expect. This causes validation errors when rendering via the swagger-ui.

Here is a sample of my API definition:

  .description("param 1").endParam()

.responseMessage().code(200).message("Some things..")

  .message("Bad request.")

Which produces the following output in the responses section of my swagger:

  description: "Bad request."
    $ref: "#/definitions/Error"
    $ref: "#/definitions/Error"

It looks like I'm hitting this issue and there are a couple of suggestions for resolving this but I'm not sure which is preferable in a SpringBoot app, and besides I haven't got either solution to work yet.

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I faced same issue, and after investigation I found that it is camel bug, so created issue, you can see description https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAMEL-13340. It will be fixed from camel 2.23.2

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