I want to convert a string date variable in the form YYYYMM to a new variable in the form MonYY.

For example if the string is 201810 then the New variable would be OCT18 (the monyy. format in SAS)

Example: %let var = '201810';

How could I create a new variable, say newVar in my desired format?

  • Please post anything you've tried. Do you have to have the quotes in the macro variable? That's a recipe for problems. And do you want a data set variable or a macro variable? – Reeza Oct 10 '18 at 16:55

Why are you using macro, and a quoted value ?

'201810' to 'OCT18' in macro environment

%let var = '201810';
%let var_as_monyy = %sysfunc(quote(%sysfunc(putn(%sysfunc(inputn(%sysfunc(dequote(&var)),yymmn6)),monyy5.)),%str(%')));

%put &=var;
%put &=var_as_monyy;

201810 to OCT18 in macro environment

%let var = 201810;
%let var_as_monyy = %sysfunc(putn(%sysfunc(inputn(%sysfunc(dequote(&var))01,yymmn6)),monyy5.));

%put &=var;
%put &=var_as_monyy;

'201810' date string in DATA step and data set context

%let var = '201810';
data want;
  date = input (&var, yymmn6.);
  format date monyy5.;
proc print data=want;run;

Here's two ways, one shows within a data step, which can also be used to create a macro variable and using only macro functions.

Option 1:

%let var = '201810';

data demo;

y=input(&var., yymmn6.);
z=put(y, monyy5.);
call symputx('newVar', z);

%put &newVar.;

Option 2:

%let NewVar2 = %sysfunc(inputn(%sysfunc(dequote(&var)), yymmn6.), monyy5.);
%put &NewVar2.;
  • Thank you! A variation of this worked. I needed the quotes because of how i reference the variable later on, but I also have this variable saved without quotes. – Nina Oct 10 '18 at 18:14

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