I actually add combobox on vst but I have an error after enter key down. I used enter link description here and after F2 (edit key) I select data and press enter and gives access violation at address 004d2d2b. And in the below gives error.

  1. I'm new at this type of programming;
  2. How can I change typing F2 key to onclick?

     function TDictionary<TKey,TValue>.Hash(const Key: TKey): Integer;
     PositiveMask = not Integer($80000000);
     // Double-Abs to avoid -MaxInt and MinInt problems.
     // Not using compiler-Abs because we *must* get a positive integer;
     // for compiler, Abs(Low(Integer)) is a null op.
     Result := PositiveMask and ((PositiveMask and FComparer.GetHashCode(Key)) +   1);

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