How can I read an .ini file in a thread without consuming so much CPU time? The thread will run at runtime, this means while true without delay.

The code to search the value on .ini is:

  Leitura : TIniFile;
  Result  := False;
  Leitura := TIniFile.Create('File.ini');

  if Leitura.ValueExists('KEY', ValueToSearch) then Result := True;


but since this function runs in an infinite loop, it consumes CPU time, and I need solve this question.

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    Why are you reading the INI file in a continuous loop? Your high CPU usage likely means your thread is not yielding to other threads between loop iterations. Try adding a small Sleep() on each iteration. Though you might consider finding another solution that doesn't involve continuously reading an INI file – Remy Lebeau Oct 10 at 20:13
  • Just like any thread, if it doesn't sleep for at least a few msec, then as Remy says, it will consume an entire CPU core. – Jerry Dodge Oct 10 at 20:40
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    Create a huge ini on a slow disk, disable read cache if the controller allows. Then you might substitute cpu usage with disk trashing. Or, try asking the "X" problem. – Sertac Akyuz Oct 10 at 20:49
  • i read to check if a key exist on .ini or no, the routine are used on a loop who check windows handles, to determine if a specific handle are on .ini or no. – Douglas Ruiz Oct 10 at 21:28
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    That's not a solution to your problem. – David Heffernan Oct 11 at 5:41

Instead of continuously polling the .INI file for changes you could monitor the file for changes using the FindFirstChangeNotification API and only check the value when the file has changed. Earlier Delphi versions contained a component TShellChangeNotifier in the unit ShellCtrls.pas which was a wrapper around the API function. There is furthermore an article A Directory Monitor Class For Delphi that shows how to use the ReadDirectoryChangesW Windows API function. ReadDirectoryChangesW "retrieves information that describes the changes within the specified directory". The Delphi JCL contains a component TJvChangeNotify to monitor file and directory changes, too. On Torry you can finally find a component ATFileNotification that allows to watch for file/directories changes and to fire an event when change occurs.

  • i already used him to anothers solutions on paste i'll try with him or maybe IPC. – Douglas Ruiz Oct 10 at 21:29

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