tl;dr: I'm trying to rewrite some dependently-typed code that has a list of sigma-types in Haskell, and I can't seem to generate singletons for an existential, in other words this code fails:

data Foo :: Type where
  Foo :: forall foo. Sing foo -> Foo

$(genSingletons [''Foo])

Longer version follows.

Assume this Idris code as a model:

data AddrType = Post | Email | Office

data AddrFields : AddrType -> Type where
  PostFields : (city : String) -> (street : String) -> AddrFields Post
  EmailFields : (email : String) -> AddrFields Email
  OfficeFields : (floor : Int) -> (desk : Nat) -> AddrFields Office

Addr : Type
Addr = (t : AddrType ** AddrFields t)

someCoolPredicate : List AddrType -> Bool

data AddrList : List Addr -> Type where
  MkAddrList : (lst : List Addr) -> {auto prf : So (someCoolPredicate lst)} -> AddrList lst

Basically, when we're given a value of type AddrList lst, we know that lst : List Addr, and that someCoolPredicate holds for that list.

The closest I managed to achieve in modern Haskell is, assuming singletons-2.5:

import Data.Singletons.TH
import Data.Singletons.Prelude
import Data.Singletons.Prelude.List

data AddrType = Post | Email | Office
              deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)

$(genSingletons [''AddrType])
$(singEqInstances [''AddrType])

data family AddrFields (a :: AddrType)

data instance AddrFields 'Post    = PostFields { city :: String, street :: String } deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
data instance AddrFields 'Email   = EmailFields { email :: String } deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
data instance AddrFields 'Office  = OfficeFields { flr :: Int, desk :: Int} deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)

data Addr :: Type where
  Addr :: { addrType :: Sing addrType
          , addrTypeVal :: AddrType
          , fields :: AddrFields addrType
          } -> Addr

$(promote [d|
  someCoolPredicate :: [Addr] -> Bool
  someCoolPredicate = ...

data AddrList :: [Addr] -> Type where
  AddrList :: { addrs :: Sing addrs, prf :: SomeCoolPredicate addrs :~: 'True } -> AddrList addrs

But how do I actually construct a value of this type given an [Addr]? In other words, how do I express something like the following in Idris?

*Addrs> MkAddrList [(Post ** PostFields "Foo" "Bar")]
MkAddrList [(Post ** PostFields "Foo" "Bar")] : AddrList [(Post ** PostFields "Foo" "Bar")]

The problem is that looks like I have to be able to do toSing or equivalent on the list of Addr, but $(genSingletons [''Addr]) fails. Indeed, even the code in the tl;dr section fails. So what should I do, except for abandoning this idea?

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