I have implemented Linux player using MPV player npm package mpv-controller.

I want to loop the video for a long time. Initially it's working fine up to 6 hours(approx). Then the video automatically paused.

While I investigate there is no memory issue, MPV player using very small amount of memory.

Please help me to fix this issue.

import mpv from 'mpv-controller';

this.mpvPlayer = new mpv(status => {
this.mpvPlayer.play(~/Downloads/sample.mp4, ["--no-border", "--no-window-dragging", "--no-osc", "--no-osd-bar", "--no-input-default-bindings", "--loop", "--ontop", "--hwdec=vaapi", "-vo", "vaapi", "--no-keepaspect", "--geometry=523x294-1397-786");

The above code is equivalent to

mpv ~/Downloads/sample.mp4  --no-border --no-window-dragging --no-osc --no-osd-bar --no-input-default-bindings --loop --ontop --hwdec=vaapi -vo vaapi --no-keepaspect --geometry=523x294-1397-786


You need to install mpv player first

sudo apt-get install mpv

Thank you.

  • An interesting problem, but don't expect readers to download your code to test the problem. Did you read minimal reproducible example ? You should edit your Q to follow those guidelines. Good that you checked your memory, but are you watching before it hangs, or only after? Without looking at your code, and assuming there is not a condition in a while loop that is being triggered, I would add debug output inside of mpv-controller to see that all variable values are working as you intend. Good luck. – shellter Oct 11 '18 at 15:34

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