I'm trying to come up with a good and scalable approach to generate sitemaps on our React applications that pull content from a content API (Drupal).

The React applications can request content from Drupal via GraphQL.

I was thinking that in terms of overall approach, the following:

  1. A job on the Node server orchestrates the process.
  2. It does server-to-server communication using GraphQL to Drupal, to request content information like nodes and their urls.
  3. The job processes that content information together with the information it has with some routes on the client side and generates the sitemap

Some questions I have with this approach:

  1. How do I break this process in a way that avoids doing a GraphQL request with 15k items.
  2. How do I ensure this is scalable to a large number of applications and don't put too much strain on the content api? Maybe using queues or something like that.
  3. Given that only Drupal knows when content gets updated/deleted how do I handle that from the node server?

Any ideas welcome. Thanks!

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