I have a function type declared in Haskell:

type PlayFunc
   = PlayerId
   -> [Card]
   -> [(PlayerId,Int)]
   -> Card
   -> [Trick]
   -> Trick
   -> Card

and I'm trying to figure out on how do i actually access the attributes in the function type since I'm new to Haskell. Can i retrieve the attribute values in a function type or am I supposed to only supply it's attributes the value it requires?

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    A function has no attributes. You here not constructed a new type, you only made a type alias: each time you write PlayFunc, you actually wrote PlayerId -> [Card] -> .... – Willem Van Onsem Oct 11 at 9:26
  • You could do something like data Player = Player PlayerId [Card] [(PlayerId, Int)] Card [Trick] Trick Card, so then you construct a datatype, and that contains several attributes that you can extract. – Willem Van Onsem Oct 11 at 9:31
  • @WillemVanOnsem I think the OP wants to define a function having that type, and access the arguments. Maybe. – chi Oct 11 at 9:44

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