When I build java object class in a project, build file will be created with .class extension and human unreadable; What about swift build files?


car.java  --> build --> car.class

what would be after build?

car.swift --> build --> ?

The compilation process is a bit different with Swift to Java, so there isn't necessarily a direct equivalent.

As the build proceeds though each Swift file will get compiled in to an 'Object' file, ending in a .o extension. Then once they're all built they get linked together to form the binary. If you unpick an iOS app's IPA file, you won't see the individual .o files like how you can see the .class files inside a Java jar file.


One thing I know is that Swift uses LLVM just like Objective-C.

So in Java, we have this (source: W3schools). enter image description here

And here, for Swift (source: Swift.org)

enter image description here

I hope this helps!

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