I have a built a normal REST service using spring boot, connection done to 3rdparty through IBM MQ, I have deployed the code in websphere application server and using postman for testing the code, The issue is when two or more users call this service at a time the responses are getting mixed up, and thus I am getting inconsistent response each time. My service is supposed to provide immediate response to the user. I have added @Prototype to all of my service classes. I want to know if I am following correct approach, and what can be done to get correct responses each time and they not mixing up with each other for concurrent requests.

Here is the code: First of all,I have a Response pojo, which will be returned to user as a reponse.

public class Response {    
  private String uniqueId;    
  private String message;

a handler class to handle exceptions and successful messages returned to user:

public class RestResponseHandler extends ResponseEntityExceptionHandler {

  private Response response;

  public ResponseEntity<Response> handleError(AbcException ex) {
    return new ResponseEntity<>(response, HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST);

  public ResponseEntity<Response> handleSuccess() {
    return new ResponseEntity<>(response, HttpStatus.OK);

Utilclass which takes care of IBM MQ connection using javax.jms

    public class Util {
      // method to send the request to the message queue
      private String sendRequest(String content, Response response) throws JMSException, TimeoutException {

    //method to receive request from the message queue
     private String receiveRequest(Response response, QueueConnection connection, QueueSession session)
          throws JMSException, ARATimeoutException {

     ------**here unique id will be extracted from response and result message from mq will be sent back with same unique id**-----


below is serviceImpl class that calls Mq connection.

public class ServiceImpl1 {
  private RestResponseHandler restResponseHandler;
  private Util util;

public ResponseEntity<Response> update(Object input, Response response){
   String messageFromUtil = util.sendRequest(content, response);
   if(messageFromUtil !=null){
       throw AbcException();

Now I have controller class where I set unique Id received as request header to response object and call service class:

public class Controller1 {
  private ServiceImpl1 serviceImple1;

 @RequestMapping(--blabla--, method = RequestMethod.POST)
  public ResponseEntity<Response> Controller(--blabla-- , @RequestBody XYZ xyz, @RequestHeader(Constants.UNIQUE_ID) String uniqueId)
      throws ABCException,JsonSyntaxException,TimeoutException {

    Response response=new Response();
return serviceImpl1.update(xyz, response);

Removed prototype from all service class

  • If you need @Prototype on all your services you are doing it wrong. If results get mixed up you are keeping state in places you shouldn't be keeping state. Fix that instead of making everything prototype scoped. – M. Deinum Oct 11 at 10:29
  • I have removed @prototype from all service classes and also from the classes which were autowired in service class, to make the code stateless. but still the responses are mixing up. any idea? – Harsha Oct 11 at 13:49
  • How does the responding MQ application work? Does it fill the request message's message id into the correlation id field? – JoshMc Oct 11 at 14:28
  • Yes, I have a unique id associated with every request which comes as a header from request which will be passed to the mq as well and response will be provided to the consumer with same uniqueid and error/success message received from mq. – Harsha Oct 11 at 18:37
  • I have a response object where I store the value of uniqueid as soon as I get a request.and same response object is autowired in service and mq class, what I understand here is uniqueid is overwritten when a second call to the service is made before first call finishes it session. What should be done in this case. Should I annotate my class with any scope or should I write a synchronous block to avoid mixing up, synchronous block will be the not opted last option for me. – Harsha Oct 11 at 18:42

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